Fire alarm for the baby- and children room

luvion rookmelder chick rozeIs it me or are there so many birds around us at the moment? On wallpaper, ableware, fabrics, wishcards, jewellery, as a tattoo and lets not forget out little tweet bird! Birds are hot. Lately, even a smoke detector in the shape of a bird, the Chick-a-Dee by Luvion, has been introduced to the market of baby products. It was developed by designer Louise van der Veld of the Rietveld Academy and winner of the design competition ‘Mooi uit de Brand’, therefore completely Dutch Design. The Chick-a-Dee has got her name thanks to the American bird that has been used in mines since 1900 to warn the mineworkers of danger, and then especially carbon monoxide. Mineworkers took this bird in a little cage and when there was a threat of danger, the bird would chirp a special chirp. Bye bye boring, grey smoke detector and hello Chick-a-Dee! A cage is not necessary.