Why cool fathers carry babies

babydragende-mannenI was at a seminar by trend watcher Li Edelkoort and she noted that she sees more and more fathers who carry their babies! This fits entirely in the image of solidarity. Because for those who did not know: the time of the individual has passed. Children nowadays are mothered and fathered, men will even become more attractive. This confirms what I see for some time in our market. We get more and more material supplied showing cheerful looking fathers with a child in baby carrier. Nowadays, fathers are not ashamed to go out with their baby and if they go out, they rather use their baby carrier than a stroller, it looks a bit more cool. A father with a baby carrier shows that he cares about his children and he can count on a lot of attention from women! You probably know the images or of male pop stars and movie stars casually walking on the street or in the garden with their baby in a baby carrier. Even our own king William Alexander was not afraid to get his pictures taken with one of his princesses in a baby carrier. I’ve never seen a member of another royal family do this!

From tough back carriers to soft carrying slings

I think BabyBjörn was one of the first brands that put fathers with a baby in a baby carrier in a sensitive spot. You know how it goes, an attractive, tough father in a beautiful Swedish landscape with lots of green and a lake in the background. The pictures seemed to say, go out with your baby, into the open air! Soon, other brands followed with pictures of carrying dads like ERGObaby, Elite Cruiser and Stokke. Perhaps these brands take these photos with dads from a commercial point of view. To tempt mothers to buy one for themselves or for their partners? Over the years, the pictures of fathers with tough baby carriers changed to soft images, there are now even pictures of fathers with babies in slings, such as those of Babylonia. Nobody would have dared to think that 15 years ago!

The fathers point of view

What reasons do the fathers themselves provide? We previously posted a request on our Facebook BabyStuf.nl. Now, our website is mostly being visited by expectant and new mothers, but all our fans bothered to question their partner to submit, thanks for that! Below is a sampling of the responses: “We have a baby carrier for bicycle trips because our youngest daughter, three months old, can otherwise not come with us.” Another male user said: “It’s purely practical, in a busy city it is easier to walk around with a baby carrier than with a stroller! “Another man said that he prefers it to a stroller because the baby is on eye level, so he doesn’t have to look down all the time with his baby. Another man says, “I loved to wear my son in the baby carrier. It feels very safe, snug and warm, and especially in the busy cities or during a short walk with our dog it is very practical. And besides this, it also looks cool! ” And some very social responses: some fathers noted that they also use a baby carrier to help their partner out. However, they also feel that some of the straps are not made for the manly torso’s!

Christmas red baby products

kerstrood-met-sterTo me Christmas is a very special period, not only because they are family days, but also because my oldest son was born on Christmas Eve (really!). Our Christmas baby got was born two weeks too early and because we were in the middle of a house move we preferred to have him at the hospital. But the delivery went so smooth that I could just have had him at home. I remember the entire delivery in detail but also the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas Carols of the hospital choir. Today is our last day at work and then we will recover from all the hectics here at the editorial department! And while we are listening to Christmas songs, we have gathered a nice collection of baby products. From left to right and bottom down these are: Greentom Upp stroller, Bellemont plate, Stokke Crusi stroller, Maxi-Cosi Rubi carseat, Nuna Pipa carseat, stuffed animal of Spiegelburg, Pacopod caringbag, Buddy Gelpack star in case of accidents, white music box Star Cottonbaby, BabyBjorn rocking chair Balance Soft, storing basket Cottonbaby, Bumbo chair. Now I am going to enjoy a few days of peace and the celebration of our own Christmas child! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and see you next year!

Stokke launches Crusi and Scoot

stokke-kinderwagen1At the beginning of September, Stokke already provided us with a preview, but it had to remain a secret until the official introduction. And that moment has come! Stokke has just launched two new models of prams: the Stokke Crusi and the Stokke Scoot. Prior to their unveiling, Suzanne Zeedyk appeared at the press conference in Naarden. Zeedyk has been conducting scientific research for 25 years, and is currently studying the innate capability of babies to communicate with their parents from the very start of their lives. Babies are social creatures, and their brains will not develop sufficiently when they do not experience any interaction with others! Zeedyk therefore states that every designer of baby products should be aware of this. This fits perfectly to Stokke’s vision, which sets the interaction between babies and their parents in the center of attention (think of the Stokke Xplory!). The all new Stokke Crusi seems to be the most conventional of the two. We have been told that with this pram, unlike with most other prams, not the frame but the seat itself is in the center of attention. It is indeed quite large with its 80 cm in length, and on top of that it has a nice finish. The carriage can be used as a carry cot, a seat, a car seat and – with an optional sibling seat – as a duo pram, when you are blessed with two children in a short period of time. When using the last option however,  the baby at the bottom is directly facing the other seat. This does not make complete sense to me, after hearing Zeedyk’s views…

Parents searching for a more ‘on the go’ model, might prefer the Stokke Scoot. This pram is compact, lightweight and easily foldable with just one hand. Because of the high position of its seat, which can also be turned around to face the other way, this pram also fits to a high table in a café or a restaurant. It seems to be the ideal companion for traveling, doing some shopping or in public transport.