Environmental-friendly stroller Greentom Upp

duurzame-kinderwagen-greentom-cradle-to-cradleAn environmental-friendly stroller? Yes, it’s possible! Industrial designer Bart Bost is renowned for his pioneering designs for babies and children and now has a prime in The Netherlands: The Greentom Upp stroller. This stroller is entirely made of recycled synthetic materials; polypropylene for the frame and recycled PET bottles for the fitting. This Greentom stroller, designed according to the cradle-to-cradle principle, is one without troubles: it’s simple, smart and very user-friendly. This stroller is certainly environmental-friendly; by using the recycled materials, the Greentom can be produced and assembled locally and this means: no production far away and abroad, no transport costs and less pollution! The good thing about this stroller is that it doesn’t look ‘green’. It is suitable from birth with a traveling cradle or car seat, has good springs, a stepless adjustable backrest, is easily manoeuvrable because of the double ball bearings in the wheels and with its 7 kilograms, it is lightweight after all. It is expected for 2013, so please have a little patience… It has already been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award!

The trendy strollers from Joolz

Joolz day XL Shopper boodschappentasAmong all the excellent stroller brands in our country, Joolz is doing something different. I’ve seen this brand grow and it’s doing very well. Both nationally as well as internationally, Joolz impresses with their regular collection and their limited editions. This fall, the Joolz Day by Fab will be introduced. A stylish design due to the intensive cooperation with the famous accessories brand Fab. This limited edition has a gunmetal frame, denim covering and a brown leatherette push and safety brace. The famous Fab Star Love pattern is repeated on the sunscreen, shopping basket and crib. I think it’s great! Of course there is a denim care bag included, that resembles the design of the Fab for mum diaper bag. Only moments of waiting, and then I will travel to the international professional exhibition Kind und Jugend in Cologne, where Joolz will present another limited edition, this time with eastern elements. I’ll keep you posted!

The Netherlands: small country, great strollers

mutsy evo babystufMutsy Evo

I’m always glad when the media pay attention to baby products, and so I was when the weekend appendix of my regional newspaper struck my eye: ‘Trend: strollers as a trendy fashion statement’. Unfortunately, what I read was not an editorial article on trendy strollers, but a two-page article on just one brand. Although Bugaboo is trendy indeed, it is certainly not the only fashionable brand! Besides that, we are talking about a brand that has been introduced more than ten years ago. The Netherlands has been playing a major role in the industry both nationally as well as internationally for many years with innovative and trendy strollers, and that is something the media can put some more emphasis on. Think of brands like Mutsy, Koelstra, easywalker, Joolz and Mima; without even mentioning the foreign brands that are also quite popular here. I decided to write the editors and expressed my displeasure…and to my joy, my letter was published. Again, I made some headway promoting the Dutch stroller industry!