Wooden toy with fabric

gotoy babytrendwatcherGotoy is a new toy brand owned by Danish designer Gert Olsen. He used to work as a designer for Lego Duplo and Brio. We are talking about someone who knows what children like and want to play with, he is a professional. Gotoy stacking wood is specially designed and produced for babies, toddlers and their parents. It is a new collection that consists of perfectly finished wooden figures and fabric accessories. All figures and elements can be stacked and combined, so they can build their own little friends. Personally, I believe that the combination of wood and fabric is a very creative idea and by using the different textures, children can greatly develop their sense of touch. Another bonus: all parts are easily picked up and stacked by small hands. Want to learn more about the fantasy-world of Gotoy and it’s potential? Take a look at this adorable video: