Bye bye beanbag, hello sand suit!

hopsan-zand-pak-1Recently I received this press release: It is better for toddlers under the age of two, to not watch TV. (Source: Gazet van Antwerpen) On request of the Belgium minister of health and wellbeing, scientists and experts concluded this from a study. Of course we already knew, but now it is scientifically funded. The tips are supplied to caretakers, schools and families, but also to the international news. Fathers and mothers do good by keeping their kids and toddlers away from the TV, iPad or computer and to let them play, jump and experience adventures, preferably in fresh air! This is not a problem in summer, but this brings a lot of mud and grumpiness during the rainy seasons, let alone all the dirty clothes that need to be washed. The new sand suit of Hopsan is a revelation (I received this by chance on the same day). It is made of 100% strong cotton, it breathes, is moisture repellent as well as moisturizing, and offers protection against sand, wind and rain. A nice detail: there are useful loops attached to the suit where you can attach your scoop and rake on. Once at home with your little sandman or woman: strip the suit, bump out and hang it out till the next time!