Striped breastfeeding

babytrendwatcher boobI am not that much of a fan of shirts that are heavily printed, but a striped shirt is something I do have! This might be because I have been to Brittany in France many times when I was young, walking down the many shores with my little sister. We were always looking for tiny aquariums that were left behind by the waves between the big rocks at the edges of the shore, looking for tiny fish, clams and anemones. I still have some good memories of that time. In Brittany, the Breton stripes will always be trendy and you will find them in most of the stores and on most of the markets. They originated from a design for French sea-men, if you would fall off the ship, you could be located more easily. Fashion icon Coco Chanel turned this into a popular fashion item. Big movie celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Birgitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe have been captured on camera or tape in the Breton stripes. Jean Paul Gaultier is a big fan of this classic design as well, as many will know. Recently, the Swedish brand Boob, introduced its new breastfeeding method (shirt, tunic and summerdress) in which this design is presented in black and white, blue and white or red and white. The clever tailoring allows you to feed your child in a modest way. However, this set of breastfeeding clothes seems perfect to wear after the breastfeeding period!