Kids design spring-mounted car seat Veri-Cosi

BraintriggerfotoblokTogether with Braintrigger, Maxi-Cosi (Dorel) organised a design contest for a new car seat for children over the age of eight. From the 35 entries, elementary school pupils Bart, Dirk and Mees from De Meent elementary school in Waalre were elected winners with their Veri-Cosi. Besides new safety features like springs that absorb the shock in a possible crash, the Veri-Cosi also features cool gadgets, like a digital clock that shows the remaining time of the journey. The organisers of the contest were impressed with all the work these young engineers had done; they even made crash-test videos to test the safety of the seat!

Braintrigger links schools to companies with challenging projects. Both parties take benefit from this: the companies can use the kids’ playful ideas, and the kids become enthusiastic about technology. Good idea! And we are keen to hear when the Veri-Cosi will be manufactured!